Playing with my thyroid

I recently began taking some Thyroid medication. We upped the dose a little in search of the appropriate level for me.  A couple weeks later I was having crazy symptoms and did not even link it back to the medication. So for almost two weeks I was dealing with craziness! Constant headaches, insomnia, sobbing episodes, anxiety/panic and appetite changes. These symtoms are not typical in my life anymore so when I was experiencing them I thought maybe I was just losing my mind again. 

Justin was just about ready and willing to call the psych ward when I got a clue. After chatting with a friend I put it together... Thyroid... Hormone... Thyroid... Hormone. That is exactly what I felt like, one huge intense never ending PMS fest! I am completely aware that thryoid is a hormone, but somehow I didn't even think of it among the sobbing and the ice cream chowing sessions. (:

I don't feel myself yet (not sure what that even means, but you get the idea) but the intensity is easing up since backing off the hormone. Feeling completely out of whack is so disruptive.

I think I just need a vacation!  (: