Post Chemo Hair

Yes, I said it! The forbidden word! I am not as sensitive as I once was. (: 

I am loving my new hair! Curly and full of body and fun!  Chemotherapy drugs affect the roots of your hair, and will continue to affect hair shaft formation for months afterwards. It might lot be this way forever, but I am enjoying it for as long as it is here. I used to curl my hair often years ago and it was so fun. I am excited to see it longer and curly. 

The first photo is of my brother and I in 2003.
curly hair 1

This photo is from today. It is actually longer than it looks in the photo. I could have a serious 70's fro if I wanted. (:

curly hair 2

Tracy on Aug 4, 2012 9:21pm

You are beautiful! I'm partial to curly!!! (although San Diego climate is not kind to curly) also your new hair looks long for you anyway!